Christian Education Director



JOB DESCRIPTION:  Christian Education Director for Pioneer Presbyterian Church in Marinette, Wisconsin

GOAL:   Work with Christian Education   (CEC) and Pastor to develop and implement an effective Christian Education (CE) program.


  1. To oversee children’s Christian Education program, excluding Nursery.
    a. Recruit staff for weekly classes and any special events, which may include Vacation Bible School.
    b. Provide oversight, guidance, resources and support to teachers and leaders in class and other children’s programs.
    c. To research and seek out appropriate curriculum for classes and programs, and make recommendations concerning curriculum to the CEC.
    d. Be present and available to teachers and on Sunday mornings
    e. Provide for teacher training and development
  2. To organize and maintain CE supplies and resources; under the guidance of the CEC, to order and purchase materials and supplies.
  3. To communicate ideas and concerns and anticipate future needs of the program to the CEC, pastor, and other members of the church staff.
  4. To utilize mailings, brochures, newsletter articles and bulletin announcements and the like in providing information regarding the CE program to families active in the program and the congregation at large.
  5. To assist CEC and pastor in scheduling, coordinating and maintaining youth activities.
  6. To coordinate special events and presentations, which may include a Teacher Appreciation Dinner and Children’s Christmas Program.


  1. Experience and /or training in Christian Education.
  2. The ability to communicate effectively and nurture relationships with children and adults.
  3. Ability to recruit, and support volunteers.
  4. Active in a Christian church.
  5. Qualities of leadership and self-motivation.


  1. The Christian Education Director shall be employed under the terms of the Personnel Policies and Procedures of Pioneer Presbyterian Church, Marinette, Wisconsin.
  2. Salary: As determined by the Session.