Bible study: 

LearningWhat the Bible is all about:   If you ever wanted to read the whole Bible, here is your opportunity.  Or if you just want to join fro a particular twelve week session you are more than welcome.  Two separate class times, led by Pastor Jon Nelson, will be offered: Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.   Meetings are alternated between Pioneer Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church.

The schedule is as follows:

“Founders of Our Faith”, Genesis-Deuteronomy, September –November 2012
“The Life of Jesus”, Mathew-John, December 2013- February 2014
“Entering Into the Promise”, Joshua- 1&2 Samuel, March-May 2014.

Sunday school

Sunday school is held each Sunday during the service.  The children attend the Church service until the children’s message and then they go to their classroom.  There they learn about the Bible and how to serve God using the One Room Sunday school curriculum published by Abingdon Press.   A Christmas program is presented in mid-December each year.

Men’s club

The Men’s club has a variety of programs that are also learning opportunities.  Recent programs have been:  learning more about healthcare—a comparison on the U.S and Canada; learning about the Muslim religion from a local Dr. who is a Muslim; having a discussion about evolution and creation; and learning about God’s role in the life of a fireman for the Marinette fire department.

BiblePresbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women’s club has a variety of programs during the year that are also learning opportunities.  Two recent programs were:  a photo slide presentation by a member of the church who had travelled to the Holy lands;  a presentation  by a local lay pastor describing her decision to become a lay pastor and the process she went through.

Lenten Simple Suppers

During the Lenten season several churches join together every6 Wednesday  evening with each holding what is called a “simple supper”.  The service begins with a half hour of sharing a meal and fellowship and that is followed by a lesson presented by one of the pastors.  Each year the lessons  are based on a particular theme.