Local Food Pantries

Each Sunday before the children’s message, the children gather up the bags of food that the members of the congregation have brought.  The food is then donated to to the Salvation Army, St Vincent’s DePaul, and the Rainbow House. The Men’s club rings the bell for the Salvation Army for one day during December. And the  Mission committee donates money to them.

Missionary to Southeast Asia

The daughter of one of the couples that are members of our church works as a Missionary in Southeast Asia.   The Pioneer congregation provides financial support for her through free will offerings, as a budgeted mission donation and with donations from the Women’s Guild Peanut funds.

Mission is in the DNA of the Presbytery of Winnebago and is lived out locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally through partnership at every level. Congregations in the presbytery partner with each other and with agencies and organizations in their local communities to feed, shelter, clothe, and provide transportation, counseling, education, and emergency services for children and adults. Presbytery mission grants help sustain and grow these ministries.    The congregation of Pioneer provides financial support to the Winnebago Presbytery for their mission work.

Heifer Project International

Farming is the most core, elemental human role. It has been the foundation of thriving civilizations and societies. We believe it is no different today. That’s why Heifer works with communities and small-scale farmers, many of them women. We see our future in them. We know that with the right tools, training and livestock, small farms in impoverished nations can be transformed. We believe small farms are key to feeding the entire world.   The congregation of Pioneer provides fiancialo support for this program